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Every Stroke Tells A Story

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Swim the Rainbow:
South Africa's Ultimate Swimming Portal.

Welcome to SWIMMING.co.za – The pulse of South Africa's vibrant swimming community. Whether you're navigating the breathtaking coastal waters, mastering the iconic pools of our cities, or simply in search of top-tier equipment to improve your strokes, you've arrived at the right destination. Plunge into carefully curated blogs, specialist tips, and a shop that meets your swimming aspirations. From the casual swimmer to the seasoned competitor, let's celebrate every lap and dive of South Africa's aquatic journey together.

News & Reviews

We've dived in to bring you the latest updates, events, and breakthroughs from across South Africa's diverse swimming scene. From detailed equipment reviews to spotlight features on groundbreaking athletes, we're your reliable poolside companion for all things swimming.

Contact & About Us

Born out of a passion for South Africa's lively swimming community, our platform is more than just a website – it's a tribute to every pool, ocean swim, and aquatic venue that enriches our cherished nation. Meet the dedicated team behind your ultimate swimming resource and track our journey from humble beginnings to the digital domain. Keen to connect, share, or collaborate? We're just a click away, ever ready to ignite your swimming enthusiasm with our shared love for the water.

Online Shop

From the inviting pools of Jozi, KZN, and The Cape, we've curated top-notch gear to enhance every aspect of your swimming experience. Browse a handpicked selection of high-quality swimwear, goggles, and accessories, tailored specifically for the South African swimmer. Whether you're preparing for a casual dip or an intense competitive meet, our shop is committed to making sure you're excellently equipped for the water ahead. Dive in, explore, and let's make every swim extraordinary.